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Large Scale Machining Center Ideal for Medium to Large Machining and Aircraft Part Machining.
  • 6 row support guide way (Y-axis): 4 row box + 2 row roller recirculating unit
  • Optional precision polished high precision gear including spline spindle grooving
  • Optional vibration dampened, high-speed built-in spindle (12,000rpm) for machining
  • Largest in-class Z-axis stroke (950mm) for deep machining (LCV 1060 High Column Option)
  • Highest in-class speed (7,000rpm) using oil-air lubricated high power gear box head
  • One piece bed and radial rib to dampen vibration caused by high power cutting and force due to machining

Major Specifications

Table Table size mm 2800 × 1060
Table surface 22H8 x p150 x 7ea
Loading capacity kg 5000
ATC Magazine Capacity ea 30[40]
Tool Shank BT50
Tooling changing method Double Arm Swing
Tool Changing Time (T-T) sec 2.5
Tool Selection - Memory random
Max. Tool dia. (adjacent empty) mm 100(195)
Max. Tool Length / Weight mm/kgf 300/15
Pull stud type MAS P50T-90°
Travel Distance from table surface to spindle nose mm 200 ~ 1,100[400 ~ 1,300]
Spindle Spindle speed rpm 7000
Spindle motor (Cont./Max) kW 15/18.5
Torque (Cont. /Max.) N.m 498.2/768
Travels X-axis travel mm 2500
Y-axis travel mm 1060
Z-axis travel mm 900
Machine Size (with Side Chip conveyor) L×W×H mm -
Size (with Rear Chip conveyor) L×W×H mm 6700 x 4841(5,338) x 3660
Machine weight kg 25000
Coolant tank capacity Litre 645
Electric power supply kVA/V 47/220
Controller Fanuc
3/23 Deakin Street, Brendale Qld 4500 1300 252 262